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CRN, which was founded in Ancona in 1963 and became part of the Ferretti Group in 1999, manufactures and sells fully customized 40 to 90 metre long megayachts made of steel and aluminum. Founded by the entrepreneur Sanzio Nicolini under the name Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali, from which the acronym CRN comes from, the Shipyard of Ancona has a surface area of almost 80,000 square metres, 25,000 of which are indoors, and it can host the construction of megayachts of up to 90 metres long. CRN is dedicated to the production of the entire fleet of its own brand and other aluminum models belonging to other brands of the Ferretti Group and it is one of the largest manufacturing companies of the luxury boating sector in Europe. The Shipyard has a large private marina, with an overall area of 250 metres, featuring three large docks of 100, 100 and 40 metres, respectively, dedicated to the fitting and completion of megayachts and its port opens onto the Adriatic sea.


When Sanzio Nicolini founded CRN, he had a very clear idea what the spirit that guided him in this adventure would be like: love for the sea, passion for his job and absolute dedication, a strong and constant commitment to put his skills at the service of the most demanding clients.

The 50th anniversary from creation of the shipyard is an occasion to thank him, our founder, and all the people who throughout these years have maintained the values, through our management, contributing in making CRN one of the world's leading manufacturers of over 40 metre megayachts.

A special thank you goes to our past, present and future Owners, men and women who have believed in us and continue to do so, knowing that CRN will continue to turn their desires into reality.


In 2002 CRN reached a new goal which further strengthened its know-how and productive capacity by purchasing the adjacent shipyard Mario Morini, a historical name in ship building. Morini's experience in steel construction, gained from the production of commercial, mercantile and military vessels, was exactly in line with CRN's needs: the union between the two shipyards created new imposing premises with a surface of 80 thousand squared metres, and making it possible to build 15 megayachts at the same time. The launching of vessels followed immediately, reaching five a year, and the CRN fleet grew rapidly, as well as in popularity. Kooilust Mare (2003) and Saramour (2005) are two 46 metre maxiyachts inspired by Magnifica, also designed by Nuvolari & Lenard, while the concept of "fully customized" megayachts was being introduced and built on the same naval platform. This is also when the collaboration with the architectural Studio Zuccon International Project began: the first result was the 54 m Ability, in 2006. In the following years it was the turn of Givi (60 metres in 2007), Maraya (54 metres in 2007), Romance (57 metres in 2008), Tacanuyaso MS (60 metres in 2008), Blue Eyes (60 metres in 2009), Mimtee (60 metres in 2010) and Darlings Danama (60 metres in 2011). Nuvolari & Lenard collaborated once again with CRN to build Azteca (2010), ex Clarena II, whose length of 72 metres is a record. In the second half of the decade, CRN expanded its portfolio and diversified its production by adding vessels made of composite to its traditional steel and aluminium ones. Thus were born the two successful lines of composite megayachts: 128’, of 40 metres, and Navetta 43, of 43 metres. Among the most recent launches is that of the 60m J’Ade (2012) and the Navetta 43 Lady Genyr (2013), both projects were carried out in collaboration with Studio Zuccon International Project and CRN’s Interior Design and Decor which took care of the décor. An innovate solution is the floodable garage for J’Ade’s tender – with a beach area and a combined saloon – unique worldwide for this type of megayacht. On the 12th January 2013, right at the beginning of the year in which the 50th anniversary is being celebrated, the Shipyard launched its two hundredth megayacht, the 80 metre Chopi Chopi, which represents the largest megayacht manufactured by CRN in half a century. Besides the vessels that are under construction, there are many other projects on which the Shipyard is working, also in collaboration with the most important international architectural studios. At present CRN has two goals for the next 50 years: the Client and the Product, combined with full attention to the traditional values of the brand such as Flexibility, Tradition, Reliability, Craftsmanship, Innovation, Design and Made in Italy.